Your Guide to Offering Excellent Customer Service

Want to grow your practice in 2019? Before social media marketing or sending mailers - start here! Train your team to offer the best customer service.  

Many times, offices miss key opportunities.
Phones are the most important tool in your office.  

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Build the foundation of a strong relationship first! 

If you want to turn your patients into advocates, who post great reviews and offer referrals, then your team needs to learn the "Why" behind their actions. Why they shouldn't answer the phone in haste, why they shouldn't start calls with insurance first. 

Our customer service  guide is designed to remind your team how to handle new patients, and how to it in a way that builds rapport and provides additional value to your practice. 

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While it may seem like the logical place to start a new employee, answering the phone might be one of the tasks that requires the most training.


Hand Offs 

A hand off in a dental office is similar to a hand off in a football game. If the football is not handed off well to the next player, then it could easily be fumbled or intercepted. 



We have all been taught to accept compliments and say "thank you."  In business it's vital to our growth to take a thank you one step further and convert it into an asset. 

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